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We are value investors and managers in the global asset space

About Us


We are value investors and managers in the global asset space

Capital Venture Europe Inc is an investment company that offers expertise in real estate services, including recreational and residential property management, project management, investment services and sales. The company is founded on the principle of Value Investment propounded by Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. Our investments must not only fulfill sustainable capital growth and income returns but they must be intrinsically valued before we invest in them. There must be a significant buffer of safety in pricing in all our investments. Over time, we have proven that such an investment philosophy has bode well for us and our clients. Like the world's best value investors, we do not try to predict the market behaviour as there are too many uncertainties and variables. As long as we invest in assets that are priced correctly, our long-term goal of achieving a sustainable returns will be met.

Another unique hallmark of Capital Venture Europe Inc. is that we think organically in creating our value portfolio of assets. We do not confine ourselves to investing in only physical assets like land, properties and buildings. We see the intersection between transformative technologies and real estate. For instance, Internet of Things technologies like touch based computing will ehance the qualities of our apartments and recreational island facilities. Similarly, we foresee green tech solutions like solar energy and water purification will ultimately add value to our global properties and yet doing our part in achieving a smaller carbon footprint.

Hence, Capital Venture Europe is managed by a group of real estate managers, asset valuers, technologists and financial experts. It is a culdron of new ideas, new properties, new technologies and yet grounded by the principles of "buying a dollar at 90 cents". We are the intersection of value investments on a global scale.


Tan Wee Guan

Tan Wee Guan is a successful entrepreneur in the logistics and technology businesses. A Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s (Singapore) diploma holder specializing in Business To Consumer Marketing, Tan has provided innovative marketing solutions to the businesses he owned.

Mr. Tan took over his family business in supplying Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) to Singapore households and shipyard welding operations in 2009. Within a span of three years, he exponentially grew the business five-fold by implementing innovative marketing campaigns and improving the logistics management. He successfully exited the family business in 2012 by selling his family business to Singapore’s largest gas supply company in a private sale.

Mr. Tan now focuses in investing and managing fast growing companies with unique technologies and start-ups in niche markets.